Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a close reading of "Boys and Buses" from the TV show Nashville

It is generally my advice NOT to follow anything Hayden Pene-whatever tells you to do (she just looks like a  bitch, amiright?). However, she is so right on in her song "Boys and Buses" from Nashville. So props to her writers for identifying with every 9-29 year old woman in America.

I had a broken heart and a broken heel
And a break down when those big old wheels
Left with him and left me in a cloud of deep old dust

I imagine the broken heel was a result of all the chasing after buses she had previously done. The broken heart was inevitably a result of another d-bag who said he loved her despite her oddly shaped body and terrible personality only to leave her [for a job, to take a trip, to be with another woman, to live with his parents, to "find himself"].

She was sitting there with her beehive hair
and said, "Honey that's a waste of good mascara."
She handed me a pink Kleenex, and I'll never forget what she said next

I love a good beehive. Especially when it is accompanied by fantastic advice. This woman has clearly been in the dating rodeo and has made it to the other side. She appreciates the value of good mascara and that a man who is willing to pack up and leave without you has no right making you look like a raccoon in a rainstorm.

Boys and buses got a lot in common
They both pick up speed when you try and stop 'em.
You could waste your breath, you could scream and cuss 'em
But there's no use chasin' after boys and buses.

This is not only an excellent lyrical metaphor, but also incredibly true. There's something about men - the more you show your interest, the less interested they become in return. The last thing that will get you a man back is tracking him down at a bus station and screaming for him not to go. That essentially translates to, "I need you to stay because we need to take our family portrait at Sears for the Christmas card! Say goodbye to your freedom!" We may just want someone to want us, to watch celebrity reality shows with us, and to be there when we wake up, but even this can be too much for some. In which case, DO NOT try to stop them. If he figures out he made the wrong decision, he can buy his own ticket back like the idiot he is.

She said, "Some leave with a guitar case,
some wind up at an army base. 
Some ain't got much under the hood,
some roll it on out to Hollywood.

If you're dating someone who plays the guitar, they are probably going to leave you. I'm sure there's some empirical support for that. And yes, some ain't got much under the hood. In fact most of them don't. And if you're dating an actor...sweetie, just give up now. Especially if he's a musical theater actor.

But the cost is lost when the ticket's bought
and you can't catch what don't wanna be caught.
But when those tail lights start to dim
there's another one comin' right around the bend.

The cost: the gifts, the shared movie theater popcorn you paid for, the mental anguish spent trying to please his mother. You are not getting those back. Luckily, once they're gone you can invest in yourself. So you may never get that autographed poster of their favorite band back, but you will hopefully get some peace of mind. Or his new address to egg his house. The choice is yours.

Sometimes love and transportation 
will spin their wheels and keep you waiting.
But anytime you think you've missed it
Just give it ten or fifteen minutes.

This is where Hayden really gets it right. No matter how much it hurts to watch someone leave, time heals all broken hearts. After some time, you'll hear the familiar sound and get excited, anticipating, hoping that this bus will be your bus, the one you've been waiting for. It always feels longer than it's actually been when you're waiting for the bus, and it's not always 15 minutes. But there will always be another boy (and bus) coming around, hopefully a little cleaner and more respecting of your attributes as a successful independent woman who values public transportation.

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